At Biopalm™, manufacturer and exporter of compostable natural eco-friendly areca palm leaf disposable tableware, we firmly believe in nurturing the nature and bringing changes in our ways that are more attuned to nature. “Go Green”, as they say, is the new lifestyle choice – healthier, greener and eco-friendlier. Our products aids you to seamlessly shift to greener lifestyle that too in an aesthetically pleasing way.

We bring you the age-old way of using nature’s gifts, the flora, in dining cutlery. Areca palm leaf dining plates, mud baked mugs and such products are neither a burden on our environment to handle nor on your pocket. Easily bio-degradable the products helps in leaving a greener footprints on our eco-system.


Being thought leaders in the category of sustainable disposables means connecting people. To the issues. To the solutions. And to each other.

It means shifting our mentality towards Zero Waste, creating products that speak to that mentality and then getting consumers to demand that mentality of their products and their vendors.

We’re leading the movement for zero waste communities by constantly blazing new territory and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in disposables. To us, green is not a veneer. It’s at the core of everything we do. And it’s our responsibility to connect people to our story, our processes and our values—so that you know what you’re using as tableware and why you are using it.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision
Biopalm™ envisions to become a hallmark of greener lifestyle.

Our Mission

At Biopalm™, we understand the connection between the health of the planet and the impacts of disposable packaging. Every day we work to advance Zero Waste systems, and help our customers be better stewards of the environment.

Little changes can bring cascading impact.