1. What do you look for in a Partner?
    We look for companies/businesses who are in the field of food-service products either as a retailer or distributor. Or if you are passionate about sustainability and want to be involved with Biopalm commercially, then we would love to hear from you too.

  2. Do you provide Biopalm samples?
    Yes, we do. Please go to our Shop Page for Sample Kit .

  3. How do I pay for your samples?
    If you are in India then simply buy online. If you are outside India, then send us an email with your full shipping address. You will receive a PayPal payment link for the shipping cost.

  4. What is in your sample kit?
    Our sample kit contains 5 pieces of each of all current tableware items.

  5. Can I request for more piece other than the amounts in your sample kit?
    Yes, please drop us an email.

  6. I don’t want to pay for shipping. Can I pick up the Sample Kit myself?
    Yes, of course. Please send your representative or agent to our office in Lucknow and give us a heads-up beforehand. You can also book a pick-up under your own shipping account.

  7. I need multiple Sample Kits for extensive trials and marketing. How do I order?
    In this case, this will be considered as a small commercial order. Write to us at info@biopalm.in and tell us how many samples you need.

  8. Are all your products embossed with Biopalm logo?
    No, our products are not embossed with the logo.

  9. I want my own brand on the product. How do I get it?
    What other customization options can you do? 
    You can have either your own brand on the product packaging or no brand at all. For this you will need to share the packaging/box design and pay for the customised packaging label/box

  1. Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for customization?
    Yes, there is. This can be discussed on a case-to- case basis as it depends on the type of customisation you require.

  2. Which port do you use for exports?
    We use ICD Tughlakabad (TKD) which is a dry port in Delhi. If you require FOB sea port prices, the we provide these too.

  3. Can I use my own shipping line?
    Yes, you can and we prefer it this way. Our export prices are quoted FOB Delhi for this reason. We firmly believe our customers should get the best shipping rates possible as it is a very competitive market. Therefore we expect our buyers to engage with multiple shipping agents. At the time of order confirmation, we will submit the necessary shipping details including lead time to the customer, so that they can focus on getting the best rates, while we focus on delivering the highest quality product in the least amount of time.

  4. What is your lead time for production?
    Typically for 20” HQ we need 4 weeks and for 40” HQ we need 6 weeks. This may change depending on the time of the year.

  5. What certificates do I need for import?
    This depends on your jurisdiction. We can advise which of our current certifications most closely matches your requirement.

  6. Will you arrange additional certification if I need it?
    Yes, for large and recurring orders.